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Staying Healthy While On The Road

It's that time of year when many of us hit the road for a summer adventure. If you have been working on improving your health and achieving results, traveling can take a toll and create some set backs if you aren't prepared in advance with a plan. Here are some great tips to consider during your travels that will not only help you maintain your results but feel great while away from home.

1) Pack a cooler. One of the biggest traps is eating along the highway where you usually only find unhealthy fast food options. My favourite thing to do now is to pack a cooler and picnic along the way. When the cooler is empty, stop at a grocery store en route to refill with your healthy favourites. This will automatically reduce constantly eating in restaurants, which after a week or two will leave you feeling terrible and impact your previous health achievements. If you are crossing the border to the USA, bring an empty cooler with you (so many restrictions on crossing fresh food) and stop in the first town to find a grocery store.

2) Research restaurants. Before you leave, do an internet search to find "healthy" restaurant options. Even if you don't follow a vegetarian diet, find a vegetarian restaurant and you'll be sure to have healthy options for your meal. Find better restaurants that serve meals made with better ingredients by avoiding fast food options and large chain restaurants. You can easily do this by going a little further down the road from the highway. With all the interest in health and healthy food, many options do exist.

3) Drink a lot of water. Sounds so simple but it's easily forgotten when your daily routine is completely changed. If it's a road trip, pack a case of water in the car. If there is a focus on drinking more water, it will help to avoid water retention which can easily happen, especially in our hot summer temperatures or when flying to your destination. Most people overestimate the amount of water they drink, to avoid this count how many bottles you have during the day.

4) Pack your Magic Bullet. Breakfast options can be difficult and usually include bagels, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches and more unhealthy options. Go that extra mile and pack your Magic Bullet along with the necessary ingredients to make a breakfast shake. While it sounds like a little bit of extra effort, it's well worth it. Not only will you avoid high calorie breakfasts but you will start the day on the right foot which will reduce cravings and leave you wanting healthier food throughout the day.

5) "Pick your poison". Of course there are those trips when you just say "the heck with it, I'm just eating whatever I want". If that's the type of trip you want, go for it. It will just mean more "clean-up" when you get home so be prepared to start a food cleanse as soon as your trip ends. If you are interested in maintaining your results during the trip then "pick your poison" as I call it. If you pick and choose and avoid indulging in everything you will return home happy that you did (and you will feel better). If you would like your favourite desert, then have an omelet for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch...and enjoy your desert.

Safe travels and happy summer!

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