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livingwell success

livingwell stats since 2001

Number of Clients Coached

10 000

Weight Loss

68 000 lbs ++

Health Goals Achieved

% coming soon

My Goal: To help 10K clients by 2020
​I want to thank you for giving my client his life back, literally! Congratulations on your fantastic work, and thank you, from his wife, his children, and myself who all love him very much! I've been speaking with another one of your past clients lately, and we've been sharing some recipes as she had lots from you when she saw you a couple years ago.  I just think you and your approach to healthy eating and 'food first' is so admirable and effective, I can't help but continue sending people your way!

Sue Clements, DC

Thanks so much for all your help Michelle.  I am thrilled with my progress, including getting both blood sugar and blood pressure under control with diet and exercise.  It is great when the doctor's office staff congratulated me on those health improvements!
Your coaching, advice and encouragement have had a huge impact on my health.  This Bertice Berry quote says so much to me about the work you do:  "Wellness is not about how much weight you lose; it's about how much life you gain".  Thanks for helping me gain so much!

Sarah Hopper

I have to tell you I am so amazed with this program.  I feel awesome and am not missing any of the foods I used to eat.  My energy has skyrocketed! Thank you. 

Holly Rendell

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