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Reach Your Goals With A Great Coach

Working with a Nutrition and Health Coach can definitly help you achieve your goals faster. There is an abundance of information available to you but a Nutrition and Health Coach will help to determine exactly what you should be doing in order to get to your goals.

There are also a multitude of Nutritionists and nutrition programs now available. Buyer beware...they are not all equally good.

Below are four key elements that your Nutrition and Health Coach should consider when working with you in a nutrition and health program.

1) Your health goals, your program. There is so much I can do with every client that walks through my door. Detox this, cleanse that, support a specific system, add this nutritent, eliminate a certain food, and the list goes on. If I followed what I think a client should be doing it would take years to see results (but the body would be healthier). Clients hire and Nutrition and Health Coach to see results. In order to see results, recommendations should always be personalized and targeted to your current health goals.

2) Listen more, talk less. Changing lifestyle habits that you have been following for 20, 30 or even 40 years is not easy. In order to properly assess and determine specific recommendations to initiate long term changes, a Nutrition and Health Coach should be listening for cues on what to work on. Receiving a lecture during your appointment won't identify what you need to work on until the next appointment nor will it help you feel motivated to make changes.

3) Continuous assessment. During a coaching program, all health symptoms should be continously assessed in order to determine how food is related to health conditions. By monitoring changes, improvements, aggravations to symptoms a Nutrition and Health Coach can properly determine next steps and ensure that you achieve your goals.

4) Solutions to daily challenges. Proper coaching requires tackling challenges when they come up and detrmining appropriate solutions. This is also a long term philosophy. I would never expect a client to always follow my recommendations at 100%. We are faced with daily situation that require us to make decisions. It's important for a coach to empower you with knowledge and the proper tools needed to make decisions when we are faced with going on a holiday, staff parties, Friday movie night and all the other events that life presents us.

Nutrition and health coaching can be a very powerful tool to help you see results and achieve a higher level of health. It should be a positive and progressive experience. Best of luck in your journey towards optimal health!

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