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Inch-by-Inch Coaching Program

Inch-by-Inch Weight Loss Program


Yes, I have developed several nutritional strategies to help you achieve your goals including 2 unique weight loss programs.  Why two weight loss programs?  Sometimes people need a few different strategies to be successful.  


This program is recommended in a few different situations.  If you have 10 to 30lbs to lose this program is probably for you.  I will walk you through nutritional strategies that work to get the weight off and keep it off.


While in this program you will receive the necessary guidance to maximize your weight loss.


The focus of this program is to reach a higher level of health and reduce your weight while making nutritional changes.  Your unique needs will be addressed and your progress continuously assessed.  


This program includes:


  • Regular appointment 

  • Identification of key steps needed for optimal weight loss

  • livingwell's unique coaching program

  • Tools, recipes, practical hints and tips

  • Continuous monitoring to ensure results

  • Support with overcoming any obstacle

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