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A special initiative brought to you by:

Michelle Meilleur, Nutritionist & Health Coach


Sherrie McKinney, Personal Trainer

What's this all about?

We are looking for a small group of women who want to put a very special focus on their health and well-being.  fuel.move.explore. combines a specialized HEALTH AND NUTRITION program along with an EXERCISE regime that will really create change.  Here's the special part.  After a 10 to 12 month lifestyle program we set off to EXPLORE with an active and unforgettable adventure.  We know you can achieve something special and life-changing.  We want to be your coaches through this journey.  We want to give you the knowledge and tools needed to achieve this goal and empower you throughout the journey.

Why not set an amazing goal and get healthy?

We are seeking women who want to address health concerns and celebrate achievements through an amazing once in a lifetime adventure.

More about the special features of fuel.move.explore.:

FUEL:  Fuel is about feeding yourself the right foods to improve your health. This is a lifestyle and not a diet. Michelle from livingwell nutrition and wellness coaching has designed the results-based Food First Challenge along with tools, tips and advice to help you through your journey.  You will receive a one-on-one assessment, group workshops, resources, online support for 10 to 12 months!  Good things will happen with your health during this time.  Don't worry, nobody is perfect. You will have "human moments" and that's ok.

MOVE:   is taking action and moving forward towards a healthy & active lifestyle. As your motivational coach & cheerleader I will offer you a fitness consultation which includes looking at your medical history and evaluating your fitness level. Together we can overcome any challenges facing you and formulate a plan that fits your schedule. My customized group training sessions include increasing your cardio & strength while improving flexibility so you can become the best version of you. Move includes initial consultation, 4 -8 week group training sessions and weekly online coaching. The result is YOU are in the best shape of your life to go on this amazing adventure accompanied by your coaches. 

EXPLORE:  This is where we celebrate your achievements and we celebrate in a very special way.  Each year we pick a different adventure.  You will be active and you will most probably require a passport (Yeah!).  We are both passionate about active, healthy living and seasoned travellers.  We want to share our passions with you!  We have partnered with Great Explorations to offer you a trip of a lifetime!  We are confident that the effort put towards your health and fitness goals as well as upon your return from this adventure, you will be setting new goals and continuing with your healthy lifestyle.

Am I a good candidate for a fuel.move.explore. health adventure?

  • Do you have low energy, feel unwell and have some health issues?

  • Have you thought of making some changes?

  • Ready to commit to a nutrition and exercise program and see some health changes?

  • Have you already achieved health goals but need new inspiration?

  • Do you have the desire to travel, explore, be active with a group of supporting woman?

  • Do you need professional support to get over some health hurdles?

If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions, you are a good candidate for a fuel.move.explore. life and health adventure.  How to proceed?  Please watch the videos below to learn more about the project and about Sherrie and Michelle.  Then watch the FaceBook live event to learn about the current (2018-2019) initiative.  The last step would be to contact us for details and to register.

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