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Michelle Meilleur

Nutritionist & Health Coach


A note from your Coach...

Congratulations on completing the Food First Fix.   Making connections between food and your health brings about many ah ha! moments.  Chances are you have experienced some benefits already...even in a very short time.  The food strategies that you've learned are now put into practice as you move forward.  While we aren't going to be perfect all the time (that's not the idea), I'm hoping you have the information needed to make healthy decisions when it comes to food and stay in good health.  Food most often takes care of a certain amount of our nagging health symptoms.  When our issues become long standing and depending on how they came about, they can become deeper than what food can fix.  For some of you, the Food First Fix gave you exactly what you wanted and you will be just fine on your own (but know that I will miss you!).  Whenever things change, you know where to find me.  If you are still "stuck" in certain departments and would like to not only continue to work with advanced food strategies but also dig deeper and explore other tools for deeper healing, I would be delighted to help you address your new health goals.

Welcome to the next step in your journey....Targeted Therapy.

Your Targeted Therapy Program Includes:


One-on-One Appointments

During Targeted Therapy we meet one-on-one either biweekly or monthly depending on your needs.  At these appointments I conduct a thorough evaluation of your progress and provide you with ongoing personalized recommendations based on your unique needs.  We also continue to discuss Food First and implement advanced nutritional strategies to ensure maximum results.


Targeted Therapy

Your program includes an in-depth assessment (a bonus!) to uncover any underlying areas of your health that needs another tool in the toolbox.  Ongoing assessments will uncover what needs to be healed.  In addition to food, we will explore the proper (aka targeted) strategies and tools to incorporate in order to get additional health benefits.  This could include specialized nutritional formulas, remedies, wellness strategies, etc.  When the proper formulas are selected for your individual needs, more results are achieved.  We never used too many...just what is needed.  


Online Support

You will have direct access to my support via messaging.  This allows for faster replies to your questions or concerns.  It allows for better tracking of your progress.                                   This means better results.

Since using WhatsApp to message with clients one-on-one, they have not only received better support but have experienced better results.

Program Bonuses

BONUS #1:  Health Assessment 

  • At your first appointment, we will complete the Initial Assessment and evaluate your results from the Food First Fix.  With this information I will be able to develop your nutrition and health treatment plan and begin your personalized recommendations. This appointment is 1 to 1.5 hours.
    Value:  $200

BONUS #2:  First Order Discount (20%)

  • A Targeted Therapy program most often includes nutritional formulas and/or remedies for deeper healing and balancing of the body systems.  Not too many, just what we need.  
    Value:  at least $50

BONUS #3:  Recipe Book & Meal Plan

  • You will receive a customized Recipe Book & Meal Plan.  This plan will be professionally prepared just for you. Recipes will be selected based on your personalized FoodStyle and health condition(s).  They will both inspire you and help you achieve your Targeted Therapy program goals.
    Value:  $400

"Thank you for your huge role in starting to heal my body, mind.  My Targeted Therapy program focused on tweaking my food which worked wonders! I then reached a whole other level with the use of only a few little formulas. You have changed my life.  Forever grateful!"

Kim Chapman ON Canada

Program Plan Options


Bonus #4
$100 Discount
Coupon Code: TT2024

Have a question?
I would like to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you.  I will respond with an email as soon as I can!

Michelle Meilleur

Nutritionist & Health Coach
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